It all started almost 25 years ago when i tied my first tubefly!

From that day i have been hooked on creating and fishing my own tubeflies, and today i am so fortunate that i can make a living out of my passion. Tubeflies have been around for many years, and have so many advantages compared to standard hooked flies. The possibility of hook change is just one of these advantages, and we added several other options to offer you as many options as possible, even after the fly is finished. This trend have boosted the creativity of flytiers globally, and tubeflies is gaining terrain every day.

5 years ago I designed the “Pro tubefly System”, and it have been a crazy ride ever since. With more than 8 million tube components sold worldwide i think we can say that the flyfishing world have taken the system in big time. It is today the by far the most advanced and flexible system available, and it is still growing with new and exciting products being launched on a regular basis. My goal is to make flytying fun and easy, and it is my belief that anybody with a working vision, and fairly motorical skills can get a nice result tying tubeflies, if they get the right set of quality products.

Our focus and vision is to design and manufacture high quality products that optimizes your chances of success when you are flyfishing, no matter where you are fishing or what you are fishing for. Being a modern manufacturing company we use advanced designing methods both in the design and manufacturing phase. The use of computer aided design(CAD), and virtually test all products before we generate prototypes, leave nothing to coincident!Morten-with-Gaula-salmon

For 2013 we have added the first product for spinfishers, as a part of our plan to assist spisnfishers in optimizing their chances of succes as well. The Pro Jectile™ is hard to describe, but the closet must be a shooting head boiled down to 10 inches. Now it is possible to precent a fly or any light lure at 70 yards with ease on a spinning rod. Without hazzle!

Our Global Pro team of hard core angler gives us valuable feedback on form and function, in order to make the highest quality products possible. And we will put a lot of effort in this segment. New designs is constantly being added to the range of products, so stay tuned to get the lates info on our products, and feel free to join us at facebook or visit our website to get the latest updates.

Morten Bundgaard/CEO


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