The first product in the Pro Sportfisher line of equipment for spinfishing is the Pro Jectile. It is a casting device for flies on a spinning rod, and is best described as a shooting head boiled down to 300 mm. It is no problem to deliver a fly at 250 feet with very little effort. 

Made from Ultra durable High grade silicone it is virtually impossible to destroy, and the sinking rate is 3 inches/second. Perfect for moderate retrieve. 

The front taper of the Pro Jectile acts as a “arm” that will keep the leader away from the main line, and at the same time deliver the fly in a very smooth way. 

Available in: 17 gram/260 grains - 24 gram/370 grains - and 31 gram/480 grains.



Pro Jectile – how to use

Add moisture by blowing into hole A. This helps the line to slide smoother through the Pro Jectile.

Load the leader material from A to B.

Pro-Jectile-instruction 1

Tie in a svirvel to the back-end of the leader and pull it into hole B for secure position. The svirvel is then mounted onto the main-line.

Pro-Jectile-instruction 2

The hook is tied on the tip-line going from hole B.

Pro-Jectile-instruction 3

Ready to fish...


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